ice cream flavors

• almond toffee (TN)
• apple pie (seasonal)
• azuki (E)
banana pudding (G)
• birthday cake (G)
black cherry
• black raspberry
• black walnut (TN)
blueberry (no sugar added) (E)
• blueberry cheesecake (G)
• blue moon
• bubble gum
• butterfinger (G)(P)
butter pecan (E)(TN)
• cherry vanilla
chocolate (E)
chocolate caramel pecan (no sugar added) (E)(TN)
• chocolate chip
chocolate fetish
chocolate chip cookie dough (E)(G)
• chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough (G)
• cinnamon (E)
coconut (E)(TN)
coconut almond joy (E)(TN)
coffee almond fudge (TN)
cookie monster (G)
cookies & cream (E)(G)
• cookies & cream cheesecake (G)
cotton candy explosion
• deer tracks (E)(P)
• eggnog (seasonal) (E)
espresso chip

• fudge ripple
• green tea (E)
• halloween cookies & cream (seasonal) (G)
key lime pie (G)
lemon custard
• mango
mint chocolate chip (E)
new york style cheesecake (G)
orange vanilla twist
peanut butter cup (P)
• peppermint candy (seasonal) (E)
• pink cotton candy
• pistachio (TN)
pralines & cream (TN)
• pumpkin (seasonal)
• rainbow sherbet
• red velvet (seasonal)
• raspberry chocolate chip
• rocky road (E)(TN)
• rum raisin
• salted caramel
sea turtle
snick-a-ripple (P)
• strawberry cheesecake (G)
• strawberry (no sugar added) (E)
• toasted coconut (TN)
vanilla (E)
yellow cake

Not all flavors are available at all times. Those that are bold are typically available every day.
Other flavors are available on a rotational basis only.

Allergen Information:

Please note that all of our ice cream contains dairy and is made in a plant that processes nuts. While we strive to keep this information current, please note that ingredient changes and substitutions may occur due to differences in regional suppliers, recipe changes, product changes, preparation techniques, and the season. All items are prepared in common areas and may contain trace amounts of ingredients contained in other products. Because our kitchen uses common prep areas, we cannot guarantee any menu item is completely allergen-free.

Eggs (E)
Gluten (G)
Tree Nuts (TN)
Peanuts (P)